If you’ve been forced to recover data from damaged hard drive due to file or virus corruption, you’ll understand how, one could frustrate easily. Losing years of research, unfinished book manuscripts, even precious family photos is emotionally tolling, but thankfully, we’re going to help you get them back.

Let’s explore file corruption, dead drives and data recovery so you’ll never worry about this happening again to your hard drive.

What Is A Corrupted Hard Drive?

Data corruption occurs when your system’s OS cannot finish writing vital data to sections of your hard drive where said data normally resides. It can also directly result from files becoming inaccessible without warning, forcing you to recover data from damaged hard drive in order to begin using certain system features. Decomposing magnets, sudden but massive electrical surges, registry cleaner programs offered in emails, even overloaded RAM are culprits of hard drive corruption.

How To Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive

In some isolated cases, corrupted hard disks are simply resolved by running the disk defragmentation tool. This may rearrange files which, by virtue of system fault, were accidently placed in the wrong clusters of the system. If this fails, run your computer’s (not your operating system’s) diagnostic tool which actually scans the hard drive surface. This step can help recover data from damaged hard drive automatically.

Specialized software programs can also help recover corrupted hard disks, too. Disconnecting, removing your hard drive then reconnecting to non-corrupt computers with software designed to fully recover corrupted hard drives is perhaps the easiest method and the safest one too.

What Is A Dead Hard Drive?

recover data from damaged hard drive

Dead hard drives, as the name implies, are inoperable drives which won’t load DOS, much less Windows. Some common hard drive killers include rise in number of bad sectors, hard drive is reaching its physical end, boot sequence is tampered with, DOS has been corrupted and even too much heat can cause hard drives to die unexpectedly.

Hope is not completely lost, because we’ll show owners of dead disks how to recover data in situations like this when physical integrity isn’t shot.

How To Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive

To recover data from damaged hard drive areas which have been deemed ‘useless’, it’s important to notate what issues are happening: different problems require different solutions. For example, specialized software programs can help diagnose and recover files and repair boot sequences, Windows boot failures and even reinstall clean versions of DOS. Never attempt to take apart disks which you feel, simply need ‘a good cleaning’; exposure of magnetic parts to air and nearby static can permanently damage hard disks.

Some dead hard drives are defined as physically inoperable, aesthetically warped pieces of metal which fail to perform any useful function. If professional hard drive specialists deem your hard drive by virtue of physical state, it’s important to take their advisements seriously.

Call A Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Company

There’s plenty of information and guides which can turn your damaged hard drive into perfectly working machines. If you’re able to access these articles from another device, read them and educate yourself on how to recover data from damaged hard drive sections for future reference.

However, you’ll undoubted be forced into finding someone skilled in hard drive recovery to help get your operating system running properly – and salvaging files which disk corruption took from you. Don’t be afraid of investing, to save photos, research projects, manuscripts close to publication and sensitive data which you didn’t write down.

Only a skilled hard drive recovery company, well-versed in physical and unseen parts of hard drives large and small, can assist in revivifying data and even recover data from damaged hard drive areas which were previously inaccessible. Skilled in complete reassembly of dead areas of hard disks, you’ll find that these experts can bring to life entire systems mired in error messages and bad sectors of data.

When your computer needs surgery to repair bad sectors, calling professionals makes sense.