Stupid Simple Guide to Hard Drive Failure


Is your hard drive malfunctioning, or even failing?

Don’t worry!

Even if your hard drive crashed on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean your data is gone forever. ProData Management has compiled a stupid simple guide to prepare for, prevent, and fix your hard drive failure, covering topics such as:

  • The difference between the physical and logical hard drive
  • Hard drive failure signs
  • The causes of hard drive failure
  • And more!

Take a look! We’re happy to help.


Your data isn’t lost forever. You can get it back!

Chapter 1

Physical vs. Logical Hard Drive: What Is the Difference?

Ever wondered what the difference between a physical and a logical hard drive is? How can you know what’s wrong with your computer if you don’t even know which hard drive is broken?

Short answer?

The physical hard drive is the piece of machinery itself, and the logical hard drive is the space which it holds that can be used by the computer.

In this blog post, ProData Management will walk you through the problems that each type of hard drive can face, and how to fix them.

logical hard drive and physical hard drive
signs of hard drive problems

Chapter 2

Hard Drive Failure Signs

What are some signs your hard drive is on the way out, and needs to be repaired or replaced? Luckily, ProData Management has listed a few so that you can prevent data loss and a whole lot of stress.

Some signs to look for in your computer are:

  • Long wait times and frequent crashes
  • Corrupted data
  • Strange sounds

Call ProData Management today if you’re experiencing one of these signs!

Chapter 3

What Causes Hard Drive Failure

What exactly causes your computer to break, and your hard drive to go from completely functional one minute to completely dysfunctional the next?

ProData Management provides the answer here.

A “head crash” is the most common, where the read-write head of the disc doesn’t come into contact, and thus destroys your data. This can come from old age, overheating, or from dropping your computer.

Read on for more causes of hard drive failure!

hard drive broke
how do i fix my hard drive

Chapter 4

Hard Drive Failure Fix

So your hard drive has crashed. That’s okay! Just because it is no longer working, doesn’t mean all your data is lost forever.


First thing to do is to backup your data (using either free or paid software), without overwriting the existing data on the hard drive. If you aren’t comfortable doing that yourself, call a Data Recovery professional for help.

Chapter 5

Hard Drive Problems and Solutions

What type of problem is your hard drive experiencing? Do you know? Do you know how to fix it?

Asking a professional like ProData Management can save you both time, money, and your lost data. Here at ProData, we can quickly diagnose your hard drive’s problem, find the best solution, and fix your computer for you.

Call us and let us know what we can do to help you!

data recovery service
data recovery repair

Chapter 6

What are the Dangers of Data Recovery?

Is data recovery guaranteed to recover your lost data? No.

Depending on the type of damage, and how long your hard drive has been broken, some or all of your data may be completely gone or corrupted.

However, if any data can be salvaged, ProData Management will be sure to get it back to you.

Find out more of the dangers of data recovery, and call us today!

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