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White Label us (or openly partner)
and add data recovery to your list of services.

Here are some reasons you should work with us

Add Revenue Streams

Are you a computer repair or IT services company whose clients may benefit from premier data recovery services at times?

Cannot Locate Expertise Quickly

Trained data recovery professionals are not easily located during a time of crisis. Having a trusted source ready to back you up when needed can be quite reassuring.

Cannot Hire Full-Time

With core business demands, unless data recovery needs are constant, it does not make sense to hire dedicated, fully trained and experienced staff for occasional needs.

Increase Visibility

Additional service offerings increase visible range to other areas. Expand your services, and your business, by white labeling our services.
Our white label program is designed to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want it be.

We Can Be "Invisible" (White Label)

This means that you, the vendor, simply add the “data recovery” service to your service offerings and we remain behind the scenes providing the expert services you need.

We Can Be "Real" (Partnership)

This means that you, the vendor, simply refers us outright. Then, we take care of everything from soup to nuts for data recovery and, at the end, we rebate a percent back to you.

Why Choose Us?

We  maintain a compliment of fully trained, highly experienced data recovery engineers that can assess, diagnose, stabilize and recover any device or data storage system out in the market.

Our engineers work on data recovery projects all day, every day, as well as use specific tools along with proprietary hardware and software to accomplish the goal of complete recovery of any data storage system.

We maintain the highest standards for confidentiality, privacy, professionalism, and ethics. We are based in the US, governed by US laws, operate on a US time zone and speak fluent English.


A brief conversation by phone call, Skype, or email is usually all it takes to see if we are a good fit for each other.


Tell us the type of storage device or systems you are servicing and we will estimate the turn around value for next day service.


There is no charge to you or your customers if we cannot deliver a successful recovery.


Exclusive portal access will be granted to you can keep track of all of your service items, in real-time.

We understand that we provide a service that most would prefer to do without. That is why we say that we understand that we hope you do not need us, but we are there for you if you do.

“I was blown away by the service I received. ProData Management was very responsive, pleasant to work with, fast, and much more affordable than other data recovery services I checked into. I would not hesitate to go to them again if I had a similar problem in the future.”

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