Data Recovery is our specialty

From large data centers to an individual flash drive, we specialize in recovering your data from all types of storage mediums and devices.

Our recovery engineers have been trained for years on all makes and models from all manufacturers. If your device is damaged beyond a repair, we can work with you to obtain the your precious and valuable information.

RAID systems, hard drives, solid state drives, flash devices–it doesn’t matter! We can handle it all.

Data Recovery Services

ProData Management provides a wide range of data recovery services, including: 


  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID / Server Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • Apple / Mac Recovery
  • USB / Media Recovery
  • Desktop Recovery
  • Laptop Recovery
  • Emergency Data Recovery

Data Recovery FAQ

Common Issues

Here are some of the most common data recovery issues:

  • User makes an error while moving files
  • Friend/Associate makes an error while moving files
  • Reformatting
  • Operating System Upgrade
  • Hard drive gets knocked or dropped
  • Over voltage
  • Power outage
Common Symptoms

Here are some of the most common data recovery symptoms:

  • Overheating
  • No longer accessible
  • Clicking, Grinding, or other audible indicators
Common Types of Hard Drive Failure

There are several main types of hard drive failures: 

Logical Failure

Logical failure is a term commonly used when the storage device is healthy or at least operational (operational meaning the device can still perform read and write operations), however, the data on the device is not accessible for some reason. File system corruption, re-formatting, accidental deletion, and so on.


Electronics Failure

Electronics failure is a term for any failed electronic components. Typical electronics failure causes are from over voltage, power outage, overheating, moisture, and symptoms like this.


Firmware Failure

Firmware failure is a term used for a failure in the underlying code used by storage devices for operation. A “bricked” drive would typically be a firmware issue.


Mechanical Failure

With the arrival of flash based devices (solid state drives, jump drives, memory cards and so on) Mechanical failures are rare since there are no moving parts. These devices can, and do, fail from Logical, Electronic and Firmware issues. Mechanical failure is used when there is an issue with the Read/Write heads assembly in the majority of hard drives or hybrid drives. This could also be used when there is a issue with bearings or motor assembly of some devices.


We use highly trained, experienced personnel, as well as proprietary tools and techniques to diagnose, stabilize, and recover your data for you.

We service the global community

…and have done so for years.

We have experience with all types of storage media and are familiar with these failures and others.  From flash memory devices to RAIDs, we can assist in getting your data back to you. We have performed data recovery for clients in every state, and several countries across the globe.

How do I get started?
  1. Click this link: Submit A Case
  2. Create a new ticket under: “Start a New Service Ticket
  3. Our team will review your information and one of our engineers will contact you directly.


Transportation / Delivery

Emergency – We can provide for device pick-up or courier service if this is an emergency.  A transportation fee may be asked for depending on need and location.

Non-Emergency – If your data recovery request is not an emergency, then please submit your case and we will contact you regarding device delivery to our lab.  Our mailing address is 2251 Valley Ave, Winchester, VA  22601 if you want to ship your device ahead of time.

I submitted my what?

Once we receive your device, you will:

  1. Receive an email with confirmation of receipt and the progress of the evaluation.
  2. An evaluation will be completed and then you will be provided with a No Obligation quote for the recovery service. (Our evaluations are free unless the drive or device has been opened in a non cleanroom environment.  Our engineers would be happy to go over “open drive” situations with you).
Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We would be happy to go over these with you.  We offer discounts for:

  • Veterans and their families
  • Any serving in our Armed Forces
  • Western Digital Preferred
  • and others
I don't see my question listed here...

There are many questions and myths surrounding the data recovery process, and industry as a whole, and we would be happy to answer them as we can. Just ask 🙂

Data Recovery Tips & Resources

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