We get a lot of questions. So we thought we would try and answer yours.

How much does a typical recovery service run?

Depending on what the nature of the failure, if parts would be needed, amount of labor involved and other factors, we see typical single mechanical type drives can range between $200 to $900. Sometimes these rates can extend higher depending on type of failure(s), certain drive types, and other factors.

Once we receive your drive and perform a in-­depth analysis, we can give you an accurate rate that would be a “not to exceed” value. We do offer additional services and options that you may wish to utilize that would add or subtract from the overall value amount.

What about repair service instead of full recovery?

We are one of the few that do offer this service. We would need to evaluate your drive and then determine if it would be a candidate for repair service. If repair service is not available due to the particular drive, or failure circumstance, then we would provide a quote for recovery services if viable.

What are the fees that you do charge up front?

We offer free shipping for evaluation of your media and free evaluation to determine the cause of failure and course of action we would need to take to obtain the data you request. If you choose to decline all of our services, we do charge a $35 return shipping fee if you want your media returned to you.

Also, if your drive has been opened (Opened meaning the internal seals of the drive have been compromised. If the drive has just been removed from en enclosure, laptop, computer, etc, then the internal seals would still be intact and this fee would not apply.) and there are no tamper evident verifiable clean room seals applied either, we charge an up front, non ­refundable $200 fee. If your media does have clean room seals as defined, then there would be no charge for the evaluation.

What does "not to exceed" value mean?

Per customer requests, we will give a value that would be the top amount invested in your recovery. This means that even if the recovery uses more parts, labor or other resources than what we originally intended, there is no additional burden on your part to assume the difference.

Likewise, if we are able to complete the recovery using less than anticipated parts, labor, resources, and the like, then the rate would be less to reflect that. An evaluation allows for us to provide a detailed analysis on failure(s) that may have already or are currently occurring on your media and as such, we can determine a course of action to obtain the best recovery possible.

What am I charged if you cannot recover my data?

We offer a no data, no charge policy. If we cannot stabilize your drive or obtain the critical data you are requesting, then there would be no additional charge to you unless you would like your media returned to you.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. we extend discounts to active duty, retired, or have served in the US military. Also we offer Western Digital drive users a discount, seniors, non ­profits, charitable agencies, official government agencies, and law enforcement discounts as well.

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