There are many hard drive problems and solutions to help fix your computer.

Each set of hard drive problems is accompanied by different solutions. Figure out the nature of your computer problems so you can determine the best way to fix it.

Even if you are just suspicious of your hard drive having issues, backup your data. It is always better to be prepared and have your data externally stored than to try and recover lost files and fix corrupted data.

Here is our list of the top five most common hard drive problems and solutions:



Files can become corrupt by not correctly shutting down your computer, power surges, using malware-infected programs, or accidentally closing programs while they are running.

Corrupted files not only can cause you to loose data, but they can prevent your from accessing parts of your data and parts your computer entirely.


You can try to repair corrupt files on your hard drive in the Command Prompt Window of your computer. To do this, click the “Start” button then type cmd.  A black window will pop up, and you should try entering the code chkdsk g:/f then press “Enter”.

If this does not work, try to recover your corrupt or lost data during an external hard drive or a USB.  To repair the hard drive itself, try using a hard drive recovery software that you can download and install on your PC or Mac or seek the help of a professional data recovery service.



If the computer doesn’t recognize a hard drive on your computer or if your computer fails when booting, you could have a manufacturing defect on your hard disk.

This usually occurs when a hard drive disk is packaged and sold by the manufacturer without being tested so the errors are overlooked.  –Stellar


If the disk in still in warranty (which it probably is if you recently bought it), ask for an RA or Return Authorization to replace your faulty hard drive disk. The company is at fault and not you, so you should not have to purchase a new hard drive or computer because of their mistake



If your fan is too slow or not moving at all, you computer is not being well ventilated and can easily overheat. Overheating can cause damage to your hard drive and other internal mechanisms of your computer.

If your computer is making an internal clicking noise, this can also be a sign of overheating.


You may be able to repair your fan or use a thermal paste to seal the gaps around the CPU fan to help ensure the fan run efficiently and that the ventilation can reach the proper areas. Otherwise, replace it and get a new fan.

Make sure your computer has a working fan. It’s more important for the functionality of your computer than you realize.



So a virus has infected your computer.

Don’t open links or emails if you don’t know where they’re from or if you’re not sure of the credibility of the source. Same principle applies to item you download.

Symptoms of virus issues can be things like strange pop ups, your internet tabs or links being redirected at random, digital lags, glitches, or freezing, or even total shut down of your computer.


Clean your computer and use anti-virus and anti-malware programs. You can use anti-virus and security programs such as McAfee Antivirus, Norton Security, HitMan Pro, and many others.

Use a firewall and an ad blockers to prevent pop-ups and other fishing and infected sites from accessing your computer or coming up in your search results.

Use common sense with your internet searches. Vising less-than-reputable sites or downloading sketchy content can open your computer up to virus and malware that could have otherwise been avoided.



Human hard drive error include things like installing the wrong file OS, moving crucial file locations, or even altering your system’s registry settings.


These problems can be more difficult to repair and will require the hard work of a professional to recover any data lost and to restore your hard drive.

A lot the the computer solutions on this list are more applicable to PC computers rather than Mac or Apple products. If you are opening up your computer try some of these hard drive solutions on your own, be sure you are not violating your warranty or causing further damage.

If you have any more questions about hard drive problems and solutions or hard drives in general, call ProData Management for your answers.

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